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profile Adding Life To Life... The Hindustan Group dictum is more than just words. It is the core that defines every operation and function carried out by the company.

Established in 1992, Hindustan Group has grown to become one of Gujarat’s leading players of the pharma industry. Today, the group boasts of unprecedented presence in three of the industry’s biggest markets: pharmaceuticals, herbals and nutraceuticals. Its unrelenting passion and commitment towards achieving excellence at every level have enabled the Hindustan Group to become a name to reckon with in the pharma industry.
Hindustan Group has achieved its current status by going beyond the basics of pharmacy. Medicines fulfill a function that is larger than the ailments they heal and spread hope of a life better than before. It is on the basis of this belief that Hindustan Group has worked and produced formulations that facilitate the betterment of life. Adding life to life is after all the essence of not only Hindustan Group, but of the pharma industry as well.

Today, after having successfully established itself in the field of pharmaceuticals, Hindustan Group surges ahead with the vision of creating a name for itself in the field of herbal and nutraceutical formulations. The group believes that herbals are the future of modern medicine. Herbal medicines, through the amalgamation of ancient knowledge and modern research, are definitely the way ahead, and Hindustan Group is proud to be at the threshold of such innovations in the field of medicine.