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  herbal essentials The usage of herbal medicines dates back almost to the existence of mankind. For centuries, herbal medicines have been used to cure ailments and diseases of all kinds. Modern science has evolved and churned out newer forms of medicines, but herbal medicines have managed to stay at the forefront. Herbal medicines have a largely proven track record, they are safe and offer long-lasting results for a healthy lifestyle. Herbal products also act as a nutritious substitute by providing the necessary nutrients required to the human body.

Hindustan Biosynth manufactures herbal medicines under the brand of Dr. Good Health. The products manufactured under this brand are pure, potent and clean, which make them an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Herbal products deliver long-term results when used as both preventive therapies and to treat sickness.
arrow2 Arthrite* capsules
[The safe herbal remedy for arthritic/joints pain]
arrow2 Bio-Figor* capsules
[Treat obesity, naturally]
arrow2 HP-Cough* syrup
[Cough syrup]
arrow2 Arthrite* gel
[When pain is unbearable, Arthrite* gel takes over]
arrow2 Bio-EDF* capsules
[Restores conjugal happiness]
arrow2 Laxtral* capsules
[For relief from constipation]
arrow2 Arthrite* oil
[Sure shot remedy for relief from pain]
arrow2 Digemed* capsules
[Promotes digestion]
arrow2 Nitewell* capsules
[Good Night for a Bright Morning]
arrow2 Alfit* capsules
[Natural Anti-Oxidant with Stress Relieving effect]
arrow2 Digemed* syrup
[Promotes digestion]
arrow2 Stomagard* capsules
arrow2 Alfit* syrup
[Natural Anti-Oxidant with Stress Relieving effect]
arrow2 Gynicare* capsules
[Uterine Tonic]
arrow2 Stomagard* syrup
[Gastric Acid Regulator]
arrow2 Bio-DM* capsules
[Sugar level Management Formula]
arrow2 Gynicare* syrup
[Uterine Tonic]
arrow2 Synaliv* capsules
[Improves liver function & health]
arrow2 Bio-GLP* capsules
[Cholesterol & Lipid Regulator]
arrow2 Bio-Trich* oil
[The Hair vitalizer]
arrow2 Synaliv* syrup
[Liver Tonic]