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Contract Marketing Easy business opportunity for pharma professionals. Today, India provides excellent growth opportunities for people who seek to make a living on their own. Entrepreneurship is the latest buzz word and everyone seems to be venturing out of their own. No surprises, after all it’s much more satisfying and definitely more paying.

Well, if such an opportunity is what you are looking for, then look no further. With an ever-emerging economy and consciousness about health issues growing by the day, the medical sector is looking up and has a bright future. The per capita consumption of medicines in India can only go up, and if you are there as a part of it, your income can only go up as well.
The one way to be a part of this emerging sector is to join the Contract Marketing Program of Hindustan Biosynth. We understand the dynamics of the pharma industry as well as the requirements of patients today. This knowledge has enabled us to produce medicines that are highly suitable as cures to the diseases affecting mankind today. We invite you to take advantage of our knowledge and experience and build your own future out of it. Come, become a Contract Marketer with Hindustan Biosynth.

Here’s how...
Your investment in the venture will depend upon the scale of operation you wish to handle. For example, if you wish to start-off with a team of five MRs, you should be prepared to invest around Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. Depending on the efforts you put in, this investment will yield good return. The payback period may be as low as six months, and you are likely to settle down within 2-3 months of starting the venture.

Your future is secure with Hindustan Biosynth. The company knows that the money you are investing in this venture is your hard earned money after going through years of tensions and sleepless month-end closings. There will a bilateral agreement between you as a contract marketer and the company for a growth oriented business plan.

You are not alone in this venture – Hindustan Biosynth is together with you in your efforts. The company will constantly guide and help you. In addition, it will provide world-class promotional materials such as visual aids, leave-behind literature, products at glance, visiting cards, order books, etc. Strategic inputs and training programmes to MRs to sharpen their skills as a marketer will also be provided.

Hindustan Biosynth looks forward to a mutually beneficial association with you.